Compiz Grid plugin in Ubuntu

Ever wanted easily arrange two windows to cover half the screen each? Or perhaps divide the other half in two?

Grid plugin for Compiz does exactly this. By default you press ctrl+alt+[a respective keypad number key] depending on desired configuration. For example ctrl+alt+5 maximises the window and ctrl+7 puts the window to upper left corner. Press latter again and to cycle between 1/9, 1/4 and 2/9 of screen.

In Ubuntu 10.04 Grid plugin is contained within compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package. This can be installed using System > Administration > Synaptic. After installation a restart is needed. Grid can be activated in System > Preferences > CompizConfig (contained in compizconfig-settings-manager package). Instructions for compiling the source in Ubuntu 8.10 are mentioned on Grid home page.

UPDATE4: updated for 10.04 lucid lynx
UPDATE3: found proper video, embedded
UPDATE2: works on 9.10 as well
UPDATE: some Ubuntu 9.04 update broke installation, went back to compiz grid sources and did make install to solve the problem

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