Things that no longer worked after Ubuntu 10.04 fresh install

1. SOLVED: Rotate does not work with Nvidia propriatary drivers 
Solution: put Option "RandRRotation" "on" in xorg.conf as before. This really should be a default value. Telling users that rotation is not supported is not very helpful (display settings applet).

Work around: run gnome-keyring-daemon

Work around: install from Synaptic/Ubuntu Software Center

4. SOLVED: Spotify does not play tracks / skips everything
Solution: uninstalled Wine 1.0 and 1.2 from Synaptic (numbers are related to package names), reinstalled Wine 1.2 (as in 9.10), restarted. Not sure what step was required - or if restart was only needed. Update: not sure if previous was needed, perhaps ALSA should be used instead to resolve conflicts between for example Flash and Spotify.

Work around: change Google search parameters to use local site. File was located in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins/en-US and the missing parameter was .

2010-05-29: Updated solution to rotation problem & Spotify solution

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